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Default Re: Well, the Grammys strike again

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
Basically, on the whole, the listening public and the people in the industry are different. The best any of us can do is like what we like, and leave it at that.
This is a big issue to me - the friction between musicians' and the general public's taste. That's the reason why we so often play the same old crappy songs in the same old crappy ways and we're largely "not allowed" to play original music - to please the punters.

The public knows precious little of music and IMO their taste is, and has long been, abysmal. Think of the horrid sputum masquerading as "soul food" that's so long churned off the assembly lines for our "listening pleasure".

I first realised that the public were mostly musical morons in 1970 (I think) when Tony Orlando's awful Tie a Yellow Ribbon was #1 and Jud Strunk's execrable Daisy a Day was #2. I couldn't believe it. Sometimes decent songs get through, but for the most part the public continue to be dazzled by shiny baubles and reject gems that are not cut into a neat cube ...


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