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Default Re: SPDSX - how do I trigger two sounds from one pad?

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
That's a trait of a more expensive sampler/module. Roland is only going to give away so much for the $799 asking price.
Is it really though? The spd30 has it. The spd s has it. The m12 has it. The spd20 has it. I don't want to bash the SX cause it really does a lot for me. But they just have to be able to add this in. Will they? I just don't know. I'm still new to edrums so I don't know how they work with updates an all. The issue I can see them having with this tho is the variables That we have control over. Such as sample size. On the spd s, could you put a back track in and have another subwave at a different velocity? Not that you would but how would the unit handle it.
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