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Default MIDI/Song Sequence/Computer Question

I've been through every one of my tunes, and I've chosen the ones that I think are the best, the ones I'm the most proud of, the ones that really get my point of view across. It comes to about 200 songs, I think.

My problem is that all of those songs are on floppy disks that load the sequence files into my old Ensoniq TS10 workstation keyboard, which is connected to the computer. What I want to do is take my music into the computer as, what, MIDI files? I'm not sure.

What I'd like to do is to be able to run the song sequences from the computer, instead of the TS10. The disks will go bad or the keyboard will stop running, one of those is almost certain to happen. I want to eliminate the keyboard for now, and the disks forever, and just have my sequences on the computer.

Safe keeping is the thing. Getting them all solidly up on the computer, so I don't have to worry anymore about them being on those damn disks.

How do I do that, is the question. I imagine I'd need to buy some software. I know that this is possible I just don't know how to do it, and I'm hoping that someone here can tell me how this sort of thing is done.
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