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Default Re: SPDSX - how do I trigger two sounds from one pad?

Originally Posted by Blackstone View Post
This is one of the things I'm hoping they can fix with a firmware update. For what you want, We need to be able to set the main wave to trigger when velocity is between like 1 and 100 and then the subwave triggers between 101 and 127.
That's a trait of a more expensive sampler/module. Roland is only going to give away so much for the $799 asking price.

I do agree that a self-contained pad with more pro capabilities would be a good idea. The SPD-SX is "almost there" in a few areas, but it's just an improved version of its predecessor, not something that does different things. It's like they didn't talk to users at all to find out what they wanted in a new unit. I've made suggestions in writing to Roland, but they've apparently fallen on deaf ears.

That said, I do use mine on the road, though somewhat begrudgingly. When asked how I like it, the most honest thing I can say is "it's fine." It's certainly easier than dealing with a Kat and a Kurzweil K2600, but it only does about 1% of what those units do. I kinda miss them.

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