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Default Re: Well, the Grammys strike again

Originally Posted by The Old Hyde View Post
The grammys lost me when Jethro Tull beat ot Metallica. Not a Meatallica fan but honestly Bermuda, did you or anyone else in the world even know Tull put out an album that year?
Nope, and I'd lost my affection for them by then anyway. I think they jumped the flute after War Child. But the process of them being entered in that category to begin with is in the hands of the voting members, not the Grammy organization per se.

Here's the deal. At some point in the fall, members are asked to suggest ("enter") artists, songs, albums, etc in specificed categories. Anyone can enter anything, no matter how incongruous it might seem to that category. Those entries - often hundreds for things like best song & best album - are then given back to the members to vote for the 5 nominees in each category. Those names are sent back to the members and a winner is selected.

I can see how Tull was entered initially, and possibly even voted into the top-5 as an inside joke, but they shouldn't have won. I wasn't a member then, so I couldn't do my part to prevent it. FWIW, I never voted for sport. If I wasn't familiar enough with a particular nominee, I simply didn't vote in that category. Perhaps enough members thought it would be funny if Tull won, so they voted that way... and they did!

it seems every year the voters are less in touch with the majority of listeners. why is that??
Because it's not about the listeners, it's about how people in the industry feel about each other. American Music Awards and Billboard Music Awards are about the listeners (the ones who buy the music.) But that's just a matter of sales, not (necessarily) quality, and that's an oft-discussed paradox. Most common example of this is just because McDonald's sells the most burgers, doesn't mean they're the best. You have to then ask why so many people vote that way with their dollars, whether it's burgers... or music.

Basically, on the whole, the listening public and the people in the industry are different. The best any of us can do is like what we like, and leave it at that.

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