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Default Re: show off your snare

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Some great stuff there Jon. Talk about variation! :) But this is the one I gravitate to. Not so sure I'd go for die cast hoops on a cocobolo steam bent shell though.
I normally don't like diecast on a dense shell, but that's how the drum came so I gave it a try. It has a great crack/pop, which has been useful on some tracks (check out Weird Al "I'll Sue Ya" for the best example - )

P.S. I met up with Marcus DeMobray last year. Funny guy, who typifies the classic English eccentric :)
Never met him, but when I first saw the snare at the shop near Camden Town, they knew nothing about it, or him. Apparently didn't even know it had originated locally, and I knew nothing about it other than it was unusual. Only after returning home did I learn about Marcus, and that when my wife and I went to the Bermondsey market, we were probably just steps from his studio! I'd love to meet him someday.

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