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Default Re: Well, the Grammys strike again

Originally Posted by topgun2021 View Post
Random questions, are voters and nominees and their guests the only ones allowed to attend the Grammy's?
I have a relative who attends every year. I believe she votes, but she is not a part of the industry to my knowledge.
Voting members of NARAS have to have certain industry credentials. Anyone who is directly credited on releases from record lables (I think at least 6 tracks) can become a voting member, so it's not difficult to join.

The Grammy 'ceremony' is mostly open to NARAS members, nominees go for free, members pay various levels to attend. The cheap seats are about $250 each. But I believe there are nosebleed seats set aside for the public, probably just a goodwill gesture.

I've never attended, not even when nominated. I just don't like all the hoopla.

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