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Default Re: Well, the Grammys strike again

It seems like I end up explaining this every year around this time...

The Grammy nominees and winners are chosen by members of NARAS - producers, writers, artists, musicians, label execs, engineers, etc. The public doesn't vote, the network doesn't have a say, and winning isn't based on sales. And while it is not a popularity contest, a nominee with the support of the most Academy voting members wins, so there's an implied preference by labels and musicians for the artists they work with.

So don't blame the fans, or the producers of the broadcast... blame the people in the industry who do the nominating and voting.

Having been a voting member of NARAS for almost 15 years, I was part of the somewhat incestuous process, but I voted carefully, and without an agenda... except where my boss was nominated. Hey, everyone else was doing it!

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