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Default Re: ...for the jazz cats ...

Originally Posted by JohnW View Post
Any other drummer should be mindful of this in a similar situation. But it is Tony.
Originally Posted by 8Mile View Post
I see it this way as well. If anyone else played like that, I would be more critical. But Tony is Tony. Historically and everything else, that matters.
Originally Posted by Anthony Amodeo View Post
but Tony can do no wrong in my opinion ....
Not wanting to be a troublemaker (much) but this jazz hamster thinks it's fine to allow yourself your taste, no matter how great the artist. No one's perfect. The fire, facility and flow of ideas that Tony is noted for was no doubt behind his (allegedly) overplaying against the soloist.

A master musician like Tony will necessarily break the rules because he's re-writing the rule book. I expect it seemed a bit formulaic for him to only "speak" in the soloist's spaces, with the memory of some of Miles's collective improvs ...


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