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Default Re: ...for the jazz cats ...

Originally Posted by JohnW View Post
I partly agree with you. Any other drummer should be mindful of this in a similar situation. But it is Tony. The drums are going to be prominent, and though he is restrained a lot of the time he's going to respond in some unexpected ways; almost confrontational. But there's a logic behind it as he gets out of the way almost as soon as he comes in. At least to me. And Billy Pierce, Ira Coleman and the rest aren't exactly wall flowers.

I see it this way as well. If anyone else played like that, I would be more critical. But Tony is Tony. Historically and everything else, that matters.

That said, I much prefer the 1964-1965 version of Tony. His playing on those early records is almost unrecognizable from the post-Lifetime edition. Still explosive and bursting with creativity, but more... exploring, I guess is the word I'd use. More use of dynamics and a lighter touch overall.
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