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Default Re: Stop poking me with that stick!

Thanks for the welcomes and advice, guys.

I'm still amazed at the passion for using reso heads I see here. As a guitar player, I guess I relate this to someone wanting to tune their guitar to open G and the guitar community saying "The Stones used open G way back in the 60s. Why would you want to use that old tuning"? And of course the answer is, to sound like the Stones! :)

Anyhow, I already had the Evans Hydraulics on order, but I promise to take your advice for the G2s in the future. I installed the Hydraulics last weekend and so far I like what I'm hearing. I suppose anything would sound better than the worn out heads that came off, so we'll see if they still sound good in a month.

And should you be wondering....

I didn't REMOVE the bottom skins, but I did cut huge holes in them! They needed to be replaced anyway so I saw no reason not to experiment. Again, it may not be a sound you would like, but they sound pretty "drummy" to me! Maybe it's the tequila? I wish I could record them. Well, the good news is it isn't permanent so maybe I won't have to kick too many puppies.

Well, thanks again guys. I'm sure I'll have lots of questions for you all in the future!

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