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Default Re: Pedal placement?

Originally Posted by OnThisDaysDrummer View Post
Does anyone else have the problem of placement with slave pedal and hi-hat pedal? I have extreme difficulty getting these pedals at a comfortable position. Either the slave pedal is too close to the snare to get comfortable use, or the hi-hats are to far away for me to hit comfortably. If you've had this problem how do you fix it?

Thanks in advance.
Hey OnThisDaysDrummer,

just curious, where did you end up placing you slave pedal - to the left or to the right of your hi-hat pedal ?

I am about to start playing double kick and have the same dilemma. Because I like my hats as close as possible to my snare I am thinking to position the slave to the left of the hat pedal.

Not sure if this configuration will work or not ?
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