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Default Re: An ironic observation

My first good pedal was Ludwig Speed King. used 1972. By 1981 or so I bought a Camco. I took it back after a few days and bought another speed king. I swore those were the best pedals in the world. Then Tama came out with their Pro Twin. I had to have one. I played those pedals for about 12 yr. Then I got an Iron Cobra single. which I still have. Around 2001 I got an I.C. Jr. double. Played that for about 7 yr. Now I've got a Speed Cobra Dbl. I've played Speed Kings a time or 2 in the last 15 yr. or so, and I can honestly say I have no desire to play them again. In the 70's they were the only pedal that I could play well. Now they don't feel good at all.
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