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Default DW 9000 B.D. pedal and running into the spring....

Hey guys,

I've been trying out lots of new pedals (and some old ones), for a while now and i just picked up a new DW 9000 b.d. pedal. It's is, overall, the best pedal (for me). that i've ever played. It gives me everything i want. However, the right side of my foot keeps sliding over into the spring which is on the right side of the pedal WHILE playing. This of course, stops the action of the pedal in the middle of a lick. Anyone else have this problem? I've installed the toe stop, but that just stops your toes from running into the chain drive. I'm thinking i may have to construct some kind of "spring guard" that stops my foot from running into the spring. Does DW even make a thing like that?
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