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Default Re: Winter Storm >>>NEMO

Well it wasn't as bad as predicted,depending on where on the Island you lived .I got around a foot,and didn't lose power.Others were't as lucky as close to 800 lost power last night.The ones that were in the worst shape are the families still living in tents in Midland and Oakwood beach .As many as 680,000 lost power in New England.

There are still thousands of displaced families on Staten Island.If you can spare it.please donate to the Robinhood Relief Fund,and not the Red Cross.The difference is that with Robinhood,every dollar goes directly to victims of the storm,and not so much with the Red Cross who has numerous administrative salaries to pay,as well as office space rent ect..

Think about living in a tent for months in freezing weather,because you have no place else to go.

Steve B
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