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Default Re: Any ideas on this?

PDP, DW, Pearl and probably a few other companies have 2 legged hi hat stands that would probably allow you to get that hi hat stand in a much more playable position.

PDP makes the cheapest one, can't vouch for it, but I can for the Peal. If it's set up properly the extra mass gives it just as much stability as a 3 legger.
Also, you wouldn't have the latency of a cable driven remote hihat this way.

Originally Posted by Dre25 View Post
Or get a 2nd double kick pedal and have your 2nd bass drum to the right hand side of your kit, like Stanton Moore. Dave Weckl used to do it too.
If you've got the room, moving the kick to the right side like this would probably save you the most space.

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