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Default Re: Bass drum pedal(s) setting : The “effortless” method.

Originally Posted by Bretton View Post
How does one go about not burying the beater, but be able to have a rest position between strokes? I naturally bury the beater on slow strokes and rest between strokes with my foot on the footboard pressing the beater into the head.
The resting position on the pedal has no pressure whatsoever, only the natural weight of the foot/leg, if you apply any pressure, chances are the beater will touch the batter head.

Originally Posted by comover View Post
One thing that I did to achieve not burying it, is to sit farther from the bass drum so that my ankle is close or slightly ahead of of my knee, when looking from the side. Now when I rest between strokes, my heel is on or near the heel plate or ground and the beater is a couple of inches away from the head.
Exactly Comover, in a nutshell, it's what I do too, with my foot in resting position, the beater will be about a couple of inches away from the batter head.

When I return my foot into the resting position after a stroke, it will stop all the pedal movement and the beater will not be able to touch the batter head, even that there's a short little move of the beater for a second or so.

It is all a matter of setting the body, the pedal and the movement involved within the techqnique I use, it's pretty simple, but I took the time to analyse what I wanted to achieve and adjusted everything accordingly, it didn't happen overnight, but patience and dedication got me there eventually :)
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