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Default Re: Evans new Level 360 drum heads

I had a chance to play with my new Level 360 G2 head yesterday on two different drums.

First drum - a recently acquired vintage 14" Ludwig Supra. My new G2 level 360 was tight on the drum, so tight that I had to apply pressure to get it to fit and that made it wrinkle in some spots from simply trying to fit it on the drum.

Seeing how bad the fit was I decided not to go further and install hoop and lugs. Out of curiousity I measured the drum shell across all lugs and at some spots I discovered an 1/8th of an inch difference. This seems to be normal for many drums in my experience.

So I pull a new Evans power center reverse dot head out of he box that i've had sitting around for a couple months and that fit better where it did not need force to fit on but it was on the verge of being too tight a fit.

Anyway...the Evans PCRD head worked out for my vintage supra.

Second drum I tried the new G2 level 360 head was my 14" mapex Saturn floor tom. The fit was better on this drum but I could not spin it freely around the drum, there seemed to be a couple rough spots that messed up my attempt to free spin it slowly around the drum.

In regards to sitting without rocking motion it sat better than the remo vintage emperor that was on there previously but still had a slight rocking motion.

It tuned up like any other head but don't think it tuned up faster and better. I believe the whole point if this new collar design was to get the head to sit flat on a shell without rocking motion while able to spin freely as well.

It failed on my vintage supra and did ok on my mapex saturn.

Final thoughts, I feel let down.
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