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Default Re: Buying a kit, budget is 2000$

Make sure to play the potential kits you're looking at. After years of playing, I've decided that electric kits have a significantly different feel from brand to brand (unlike acoustic kits). While my Yamaha maple custom is going to feel like my birch custom, and they're both going to feel similar to a Pearl masters etc, a Yamaha kit with their new silicone pads feels completely different than the mesh heads of Roland et al.

Personally, I had a TD12 kit with extra pads and cymbals but ended up selling it. I'm not sure if I would have sold it had it been the new yamaha type pads. I feel like the roland kits work so hard to make it feel like an acoustic kit... but the Yamaha kits embrace the idea that's electric. I am not a huge fan of the mesh heads.

Either way, I recommend throwing Yamaha in the loop of possibilities.
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