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Default Re: Gregg Bissonette

Originally Posted by krayziemex99 View Post
I have the Maynard Ferguson CD not DVD lol sorry about that. I recently have been getting into his solo albums and for years Supernatural by Santana was one of my favorite albums and had no idea he played on it! I also have his Musical Drumming DVD and have been watching it like crazy, just trying to soak up as much as humanly possible. I'm conteplating trying to make it to his Drum Camp (need the funds first). A little story on Gregg I randomly sent him a message on facebook telling him what a great drummer he is and how much I love the Ferguson live in San Fran album, he actually writes me back! That was an awesome moment; him (and my teacher) have inspired me to try learning different styles of drumming.
I have all three of Greggs vhs/dvd.........The Drum Camp would be great.
Some of my favorite work Gregg has done.................Progressive rock:Shadrane; of my favorite cd's ever... Gregg on 10 tunes, Virgil Donati on 3. Vox Tempus; In The Eye of Time
Fusion;Richie Kotzen;Inner Galactic Fusion Experience.............Jazz/Swing; Brandon Fields; The Other Side of The Story & Dan Ramsey; Gentle Giants.............Rock; Joe Satriani; The Extremist, Martin Mornik; Bass Invaders & Gary Hoey; Bug Alley.
Check em out at Spotify, itunes or Youtube.

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