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Default Re: Any ideas on this?

Originally Posted by Kelly! View Post
That's certainly an... Interesting setup. I dunno what to say?! I would suggest moving the slave pedal to the right of your left bass drum pedal. Then purchasing a legless hi-hat stand, mounting it to your left bass drum, and put the hi-hat pedal to the left of your left bass drum. That's confusing just to type... I hope your have better luck setting it up. You're definitely on to something. You're also definitely one-of-a-kind! ;) much respect to you, but that looks tough to play!
+1 on that. You need to align all your pedals nicely and you're in more need of a leg less hi-hat than any drummer in history (most of us DB players have just the 2 pedals to contend with on our left side- 3 makes things trickier)!
Had to read through your post a couple of times before I understood what you were doing but it makes sense if you want the sound from two different bass drums.
While a clamp attachment from the hoop of your left bass drum to your hi-hat stand will solve that problem, not sure what you can do bout the slave. As long as the connecting rod doesn't interfere with the primary beater of your left bass I guess it's all good?
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