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Default Re: pork pie throne - ball sweat stench of death?

Originally Posted by Les Ismore View Post
I don't like cloth tops for this reason, they soak up sweat transfer it to the foam underneath.

Also a throne that's too cushy means there's no support, like sitting on a marshmallow. Your body has to compensate for the movement of softer foam.

Softer tops might seem more comfortable when you first plop down, but due to their lack of support they take their toll as the hours go by.
The pork pies aren't just foam but "memory foam" like a mattress. It conforms to your body by it's weight, and holds you steady once it has compressed. Point being, my PP memory foam is a ton more supportive than any harder-surface throne I've sat down on. I know what you're talking about, though... A regular cushion that's too soft just makes your core have to do more work to stay stable. Same reason I can't stand the bouncy thrones like some of the rock-n-socks.
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