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Default Winter Storm >>>NEMO

Well here we go again.They actually named this snow storm Nemo ,like it was a pet fish or a turtle.Gas lines started yesterday,as well as panic food buying like milk,bread and eggs.There wasn't a shopping cart to be had at the supermarket,and you actually had to cruise the parking lot to get a space.
I counted 28 people on line at the deli counter to buy cold cuts.Just unreal

At last forcast at 4:45 PM eastern time,NYC was due for 10 to 16 inches,with Boston and parts of New England up to 3 feet.

Stay safe and warm everyone,especial you guys in the Northeast region of the US.I'm in Staten Island NY,so I'm right there with you.New Yorkers are being tested yet again.

I think I need a vacation..................:(

Steve B

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