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Originally Posted by DWDrummer
In the Funky Primer by Charles Dowd, he stresses the importance of musicianship. He explains that musicianship is the respect by a musician towards all branches of music (jazz,rock.etc). If people like Dowd despise Travis Barker type drummers, then isn't he contradicting his stressing of the importance of musicianship by hating pop rock?

No, he means that no matter what the style of music you are playing, you should bring the highest levels of musicianship to the table. At the time he wrote that book, rock bands like Steely Dan, Toto, Journey, Chicago et. al. were all popular, and all had very famously great drumming. Mr. Dowd himself can shred a drumset! I don't want to speak for Mr. Dowd, but having learned from him personally, I would say that MY disdain for Barker's playing stems from the sameness of his strokes and beats, and overall unmusical feel

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