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Default Re: Evans new Level 360 drum heads

I'll have the chance to A - B the new design on a magazine review/test this coming Monday, so I'll chime back in here when I come back from that. I'll run some on our review kit, & as that kit has edges that aren't the common industry standard, I'm interested to see how they behave.

Ben, I have a direct OEM question for you. The Evans collar has always sat a few mm lower from the bearing edge than Remo or Aquarian. Is the overall tensioned distance from bearing edge to collar the same as existing Evans heads or more in line with the distance used by Remo/Aquarian? This matters to us, as the external rering on our Origin drums needs to take any increase in that distance into account. We already have to create a bigger clearance in respect of Evans heads, so I certainly wouldn't want to see that increase.

As most here know, we supply genuine Evans heads as standard on all our drums unless otherwise specified.
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