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I've gone through just about every generation of DW5000 over the years, from the very early single-chain with the non-eccentric (now "Turbo") cam, through the single-chain Accelerators, double-row-chain Accelerators, to the strap drive models. My original '80s pedals are still going strong, but I've also settled on the strap drives, just recently- much to my surprise.

The cam on the strap drives is really quite severely eccentric, and you get a huge acceleration at the end of the stroke with them- and for some perverse reason, my feet seem to like that. I went into it prepared to hate them after so many years of playing the original non-eccentric version. Who knew? I don't see myself going back the the originals. But somehow I can't bring myself to sell them, either... (;-)

The lightness of the strap drive, especially when compared to the double row chain pedals, is pretty noticeable- and that cam really has a major effect on the feel. You just can never tell until you play them. Everyone's needs are different, but I would certainly be the poorer had I not tried them all...

They are also very easily serviceable, and replacement bearings are cheap and easy to come by (see here: ). I've played nothing else since I retired my Calato when they first came out. Sooner or later I'll have to try something completely different, just for the experience- but my feet are pretty happy with what I've got now.
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