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Default Re: Recommended Direct Drive Pedal?

Originally Posted by wildbill View Post
At some point, I'm going to try a direct drive pedal. When I do, it'll be a Yamaha.

That was quick - LOL. Came home with one of these today:
Easily influenced maybe? Ha ha - no, I think I've been wanting to get one of these for a while now.

First impressions are that it's a pretty lightweight, very simple, basic pedal. I think they might be over charging for it a bit.
Seems very bare bones and almost a little flimsy compared to the DW9000 I've been using lately. Only two adjustments - pedal height and beater angle, plus spring tension.

Noticed some less than perfect finishing and one pin sticks out slightly - just enough to keep the pedal from reaching the fully raised position. I'll have to see if that can be remedied.
Easier to see where the money went with the DW.

That said, it plays really quick and light too, and can keep up with my foot playing heel down. Sometimes the DW pedal doesn't come back fast enough and my foot loses contact, even with the spring tension set real high. I tried a technique I've been working on, and the Yamaha does a much better job with it than my other pedals.

If it holds up as well as my other Yamaha pedals have, I think I'll be very pleased with it.
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