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Default Re: DW 9000 pedal users please chime in...

Originally Posted by JT1 View Post
I was a big fan of the straps for The 9000 until one of them frayed and almost snapped within a month of using them! I couldn't believe the price of them either. 34 for two!

So now I'm back to chain and I love it, I'm just going to stick with it.

The spring being on the inside has never bothered me one bit, sure it's a little unconventional but it doesn't make it that difficult to adjust. Besides someone said it already, if you set it to how you like it then it's unlikely you'll need to adjust it.

One gripe I had when I first started playing them is where the beater housing is situated. It's so low down that the beater doesn't strike high-enough on the bass drum as I would like so I combated that with some Danmar redwood extended beaters (roughly about an inch longer than the standard beaters).

Saying that, another gripe I had with them was the locking screw for the right-hand beater is lower down than that of the left-hand beater which means you can only set the beaters as high as the right screw allows. Bit silly really, why not just keep them the same? I like to have my beaters near maximum length for power, swing and impact.

Terrific pedals, now they just need to lower the price of their replacement parts and supply with a better connector rod for the double and everyone will be happy.

But overall I love using them and the chain is serving me very well.
The 9000 single is an amazing pedal. The connector rod is the only gripe I would have with the double. DW sells a heavy duty one for $300+. At that price might as well go with the Trick pedals.
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