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Default Re: Bass drum pedal(s) setting : The “effortless” method.

Originally Posted by Sjogras View Post
So I'm assuming that you've tuned your bassdrum so that you can't bury the beater? I haven't decided whether I should stop burying the beater entirely and tune for a very responsive feel, or tune lower with more muffling on the batter head to be able to bury the beater, while still letting it bounce back most of the time. With my current tuning I can't bury the beater, but it feels like I'd want to since I'm getting a bit of beater-flutter at times.
To bury or not bury, that is the question :)

By all mean, you should be able to find a happy medium as far as the setting and the tuning is concerned, and being able to do both, playing on the rebound or burying the beater into the batter head, it's a choice thing.

Personally, I gave up burying the beater, the drum not only sounds better IMO, but I have a better control, better dynamics and an increased colors of sounds depending on the stroke I'm aiming for, I find playing on the rebound a more versatile approach for what I do.

Regarding the beater-flutter, I had this "problem" in the beginning during some patterns, I overcome the flutter by doing some fine adjustments on the pedal setting (footboard and beater angles), the physical movements and crucially, the fulcrum point of the footboard. It's really like with the hands, do you always hold your sticks the very same way? I don't, sometimes I hold the sticks at the fulcrum point, sometimes at the butt end, sometimes it's only wrists, sometimes mainly fingers, I simply try to replicate this on the pedal, so my foot would not always be positioned at the same point on the footboard depending what I want to do, for more powerful strokes, the fulcrum is lower down the footboard, thus increasing the rebound and as a result increasing the power, I just "dig" a little more into the pedal. Also, I use the foot resting position to control the "natural" rebound of the pedal, by resting the foot on the footboard, the pedal stop moving completely, not causing any beater-flutter.

As far as dampening goes, I use a hand towel rolled and resting at the bottom of the batter head inside the drum, I don't use pre-muffled heads, batter head is low to medium tuned and the reso head is about medium to high for resonance.
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