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Default Re: DW 5000 help

No problem.

The 5000s have a very long history. Fortunately, they don't change a huge amount and the generational differences are quite obvious. It's a golden chalice for DW - the 5000 stays the same whilst just about every other pedal they make either changes name or specifications very regularly.

Just as an aside point, DW still make the 'old' variant of the 5000 pedal as the 2000 series. The old 5000 is what the 2000 is now - essentially. They've changed the ordering of their ranges quite a lot in the last couple of years. It used to be that the 7000 was the 'old' 5000, which was confusing for a lot of customers. DW reordered the line-up so that the numbers were in order of prestige, which causes me a headache because I'm used to the old - slightly confusing - number system!
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