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The 'Turbo' designation is the cam shape. 'Turbo' is a round cam, 'Accelerator' is a non-linear cam (faster at the end of the throw) and there are chain-drive (what you have) and strap-driven variants. I can't tell if your pedal is the 'Turbo' or the 'Accelerator' variant from the picture you posted but it's definitely a chain-drive 5002. What you have is the standard modern variant of the pedal in a double-pedal configuration - the most common version. The hinge the standard 'modern' hinge.

From my memory, the 'Made in USA' embossing exists on the older generation of the pedal. They had a number of small differences: single-chain, a different hinge, a different shape to the footboard and a number of other small variations.
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