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Default Re: I think it's about time for a new pedal...

Originally Posted by wildbill View Post
If you're doing real, full foot, heel/toe, instead of ball/toe, or some other variation, I'd say look for a pedal with a longer foot board. Maybe try out the Speed Cobra for that.

Also, try a bunch of different brands and types while keeping an open mind - let your foot decide.
Been technically doing ball/toe, so it's not completely necessary to buy a long board. My feet aren't that big either. Size 9.

I didn't get to try any longboards today though. Only made it to West today. I tried out the DW 5000, 3000, Pearl Eliminator, some cheap Gibralter pedal, and the Mapex Falcon.

Really liked the Falcon. Smooth, responsive, and I like the idea of weighted beaters. Apparently Mapex is coming out with a new version though, not sure if I should wait for that if I decide to go with the Falcon.

For the $50 bucks or so that Gibralter pedal was, I liked it a lot. If I wanted a cheapo, I'd buy that. Didn't like the Eliminator, and liked the 3000 more than the 5000 for whatever reason. Probably the settings. Tomorrow I'll go to GC and hopefully try out the IC/SC's.
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