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Default Sonophile (Beta) released - A community to organise bands and rehearsal rooms

Hello friends,

this evening was a big day for a friend and me!
We released "Sonophile" - a community on which we've been spending about 6 years developing ideas and different versions of the system we have running now

I'll give you a brief overview what this page is intended to:
The current main features are:
- Organizing your band
-- Add members
-- Add equipment you own
-- Create rehearsal dates

- Organizing your rehearsal room
-- Add members to your rehearsal room (either a band or a solo artist)
-- Add equipment to your rehearsal room and determine if other musicians are allowed to use it
--- A "unique" key will also be generated which can be printed to a little sticker and attached to your gear, so you will always know what your equipment is!
-- Create rehearsal dates -> this offers you a detailed list when your room is blocked and who is in

- Creating ads
-- Your band needs a new musician? You can create an ad here!
-- You want to start a band? Create the ad!
-- You only need a session or recording drummer? Create the ad!
-- You need a producer, song writer or what ever? Create - the - ad!

Features, we plan for the future:
- "Automatic appointment generation": Your band mates have the ability to "block time" in their calendar. In other words, they say when they are not available. If you're now looking for a rehearsal date you can say: "Generate possible appointments between XX and YY" . Due to the blocked times of your band mates sonophile generates a list of appointments where you could rehearse.
- Include Locations and Clubs to organize events. Wouldn't it be cool if the host could create a concert for let's say "rock music" and would automatically a list including suggested bands that fits the genre, the distance and maybe the fee, also?

If the main features of sonophile work well and people like our website, that would be features we want to include!

What we need:
We need YOU to help us improving our site.
We're a 2-man-team and need to get some ideas for features you would like to see and you think could be useful!

Join us now:
Register at and check out the features with your band.
If you have any idea like "hey, that could be a cool feature" don't hesitate to message us: or via PM in this board!

We're eager to get responses! :)

Thank you in advance!

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