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Originally Posted by TCWill76 View Post
WHAT CYMBALS ARE JON FISHMAN PLAYING NOW???? and why is it so hard to get online?
The one thing about Jon that makes him different is that he uses whatever he likes and holds no allegiance to any company. if you watch the gear videos posted, you can see some of what he uses. Its is a mix of Zildjian, Sabian, Paiste, and Istanbul cymbals.

I "think" he uses an HHX Groove ride currently and I believe I also saw an 18" HHX Evolution crash there as well.

From a drumstick standpoint, I know he uses the Vic Firth Peter Erskine Ride stick. I own a signed one that I won in a Mimi Fishman Foundation charity auction. He signed both sticks in the pair so I gave the other on to my best friend who turned me on to Phish around 15 years ago.
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