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Default Re: CAM's on Iron Cobra from RG to PG

Originally Posted by Winegums View Post
I play on power glide cobras (2nd gen) and I notice a big difference in the distance I set the beater from the head compared to a round cam kick pedal. I find I can shorten the stroke and still attain the same power and increase my speed. All that while decreasing the energy I need to put in.

although I do have to say finding the sweet spot with all five of the different settings is harder with such an aggressive cam. I like having the Power cams more than when I've used rolling cams. At the end of a playing session my legs are less tired when using a power cam than a rolling cam.
Thanks a lot for your take on the RG vs PG discussion. I received the parts so i'm going to try out myself. I always wondered what the difference would be when shortening the distance between the beater and the head. I'm sure going to try this out. I always used 45 degrees
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