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Default Re: Concert Behavior

Originally Posted by Anon La Ply View Post
Good list, except for #10 which is the wrong way around. If I wanted to dance I'd go to a dancing place. It's a concert.

If I pay big bucks to see a concert I don't want to be forced to my feet because some hyperactive brain-dead bimbos and himbos want to jump around. I don't yell "sit down" but I'm rooting for anyone who does.
There's a very simple solution to this: Promoters should STOP PUTTING ON ROCK SHOWS IN SEATED VENUES!

I've started to avoid rock concerts in seated venues, simply because the crowd energy is basically completely gone, which means that I might as well sit at home and listen to the CD. Towards the end, the front few rows might get on their feet, which may or may not cause a few more people further back to stand up, but all in all it's a very dull experience. I dread the day it's my turn to attempt to put on an energetic live show for a seated crowd.
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