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Default Re: New pedals - any recommendations?

I use a DW9002. I've read a lot of mixed reviews on Drummerworld about them and like all pedals, some people love them and some people hate them. It's all personal preference at the end of the day. Most people swear by Axis pedals and my friend bought a double the other day, I tried them and absolutely hated them.

I took a bit of a punt when I bought the DW though. I tried them in a shop and loved them so I bought them and when I played them I didn't like them. I had to mess with a few things to get them feeling good and now (2 years on and an Axis driveshaft later) they're perfect and exactly what I'm looking for.

All I can say is, don't do what I did and play it for 5 minutes, big mistake! You want to spend a good half an hour or so evaluating adjustability features and try many different settings to make sure they have the right action for you.

If you can't get to a store like you say, this is what I recommend:

If you like heavy and rugged - Tama Iron Cobra (power glide) and DW5000 Accelerator

If you like a heavy and smooth action - Mapex Falcon, Tama Iron Cobra (rolling glide) and DW5000 Turbo

If you like light and smooth - DW9000 and the Speed Cobra.

Happy hunting!
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