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Default John JR Robinson

Maybe I am mistaken, but I did not find a thread for the legendary JR.

Although the man has achieved a lot throughout his career, which is still going strong, I always felt that he did not get the same level of respect that Steve Gadd, Jeff Porcaro or Vinnie Colaiuta are getting.

I put that down to the fact that he did not record as many jazz / fusion albums where he could show off his skills. JR, although he did some great big band stuff with Quincy, always concentrated on playing for the songs. Maybe he is - wrongly in my opinion - cast as a "pop / R&B" drummer.

To me JR is pure brilliance. He can do it all, and does it perfectly. Check out the DVD for Quincy's 75th birthday recorded in Montreux. If you want to hear him rocking out a la John Bonham, don't go further than the excellent TRW album with Michael Thompson and Mark Williamson.

Despite his amazing career, I do not seem to see him pop up on the "who's influcenced you" lists as often as Gadd or Vinnie (both of whom I dearly admire). I really wonder why? JR to me is fabulous - and dare I say better than Vinnie in a big band setting IMHO - and can add magic to the simplest songs. His groove is so deep. His timing is perfect. JR can turn an average song into a great song.
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