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Default Re: Durable stick sugestions. Please help.

Originally Posted by cDark3r View Post
This might be a stupid idea but i taped the top of my stick with electrical tape.(the top half and not the tip). And i tried to tape both stix pretty even so they woudnt be unbalanced. The sticks felt different but thats just becouse they are heavier to the front. This doesn't stop the sick from breaking if you are hitting the drum. But the wood wont get any marks from rimshots or cymbals. The tape are. So you just have to rewrap your sticks sometimes and you are good to go...

Im a Swedish fourteen year old so my english is what it is...
I used to do this all the time but i ended up having to clean up bits of tape off the floor, from between the hoops and the heads and having to clean tape residue off my cymbals all the time, it's a shame it's so messy because sticks last forever when you do it.
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