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Default Suggestions and advice on an electric kit for my situation.

Hey, I am a functional drummer, not good, but capable of playing. I need to keep practicing in order to do more gigging (SP?) in a few months. I need an electric kit for practice purposes so that I can be quieter due to my location. My budget is up to a thousand dollars, but I don't know if its worth paying that simply for a practice set. It will, however, get used for some basic jam sessions with people. Part of me wants to get a $500 dollar set or so just for practice, but I don't want the quality to be so bad that it breaks or doesn't even sound good enough to handle while just practicing... Does anyone have any suggestions on certain sets that I should buy/look into? I would greatly appreciate any suggestions/advice!

Thank you,


PS: I really do need to stick close to my $1,000 budget.
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