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Default I think it's about time for a new pedal...

I've had the same drum pedal that came with the crappy Alesis USB kit that I used to have. Bad construction, single chain, hardly any rebound, can only adjust spring tension (maxed out), and just bad all around.

I'm still on an E kit, but it's a decent Roland one. I'll be going to GC and West Music tomorrow to check out some pedals. Not sure if I'm going to get a double or single yet (I don't really NEED a double right now), but it's more likely that I buy a single.

So far, I have it in my mind that I'll check out the Iron Cobra, the Speed Cobra, DW 5000, and maybe some Mapex and Yamaha pedals if they are there. I like to use a lot of slide technique for quick doubles and whatnot, so I'm thinking I'll probably stay away from direct drive. I have been working on my heel toe quite a bit though, and it's slowly getting there.

Any advice/other suggestions to throw my way? I currently don't play any metal, and I probably won't even bother to until I invest in a double pedal. Generally play alternative music with some upbeat styles in there as well. Thanks.
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