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Neil has been a very big influence on not only my drumming but also his approach to writing lyrics as well.Just listening to some of their 10-minute plus songs such as the "Cynus" series off of "Farewell to kings" and "Hemispheres" or "La Villa Strangiato" or "Xanadu" or even the groove at the intro of "Sundivisions" and you realize that this is no ordinary drummer.He even played all of his parts on Rush in Rio exactly.Now come on,that takes some skill to go back and play 20 year old songs perfectly.That is why he looks like he is concentrating is because he is!! It must take some concentration to play a song exactly!! I also think of Peart as the definite drummer above John Bonham.The only track I ever really appreciated from Bonham was "Fool in the rain" and perhaps "Moby Dick"but Peart...well....he has a vast catalogue of great tracks.Even the great Buddy Rich said in the eighties that he though Neil Peart was the best drummer in the world.
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