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Default Re: Mapex Falcon Pedal Missing from USA Site.

Originally Posted by scarlit View Post
Pedals arent going anywhere, just no more interchangeable cams due to Pearl taking action agains them for patent infringement.
Really? if that's the case, it's a real shame, it's the main aspect which made me buy this pedal in the first place, to be able to try and experiment many type of drive modes and cams.

It doesn't really matters now, I've got mine and I'm very happy with it, but it's a shame to loose such a package offering, I wish many more brands would offer interchangeable drive modes and cams as standard.

For example, it would be so easy for Tama to offer the Iron Cobra design with both cams, rolling and power glides, chain and strap drives, all into a single package, even if the pedal is about 10% more expensive, it will give the punters more flexibility and choices.
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