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Default Re: 15 yr old develops revolutionary cancer test

Originally Posted by larryz View Post
Well, natural cancer remedies like the Gerson Method has indeed been proven to work, as have other natural cures. Chemo and radiation are immune destroying, insanely costly methods that fail 95% of the time. What is troubling is how most conventional doctors will suggest the chemo, radiation route knowing full well it won't work. And will laugh and even become offended if the patient suggests safer approaches. It easy for a low-information uneducated coventional doctor to call something 'quackery'. This kind of ignorance is one of many problems with the conventional medical industry in the States and around the world. Some closed-minded doctors would rather suggest chemo/radiation, knowing full well it won't work, than admit their patient may know something they don't. Like it offends them or something. Many have an ego or arrogance problem. Not saying chemo, radiation cannot physically shrink a tumor, but 9/10 times the tumor returns. Many times is just a silly medical industry game of roulette to the patient's detriment. Jeez, enough already.
I don't disagree that there is a bias in the industry towards natural remedies, and that it is insanely expensive to have conventional treatments and surgery. But I'm not sure where you are getting your 95% fail rate from.
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