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Default Re: Sonor Force 3007...looking for drum head recommendations

Hello! I play a sonor 3007 as well, and so far I've tried;

Stock heads, single ply over single ply.
Coated emperors over clear ambassadors
Clear emperors over clear ambassadors
Evans clear G2 over clear g1
G1 over G1

It all comes down to personal preference but single ply over single ply definitely has the most lively and natural tone, which is what I prefer. The stock heads actually sound pretty great but have a limited tuning range, I couldn't tune the 12" tom to Ab (which seems to be this drum's sweetspot) because the head was barely tensioned and I tune both heads very close in pith, the batter head maybe just a little bit lower than the reso.

Well, I'd suggest trying 2 ply over 1 ply at first, i.e emperors/g2 over ambassadors/g1 and if that sounds too loud and full, switch to 1 ply batters. I've been meaning to try some Evans G plus heads, which are 12mil single ply, so just in between the others. Remo probably has an equivalent as well, but I recommend you to stay away from Remo with a 3007 kit since the shells seem to be a bit over sized, at least on my kit, and Evans are slightly bigger than Remo. This has really been an issue for me, with drum heads not sitting evenly on the bearing edge prior to tuning because the drum head is too small. It might be even better with those new Evans heads :)
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