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Default Re: Your parents' attitude towards your drumming

I would say my parents were supportive, especially my mom. She played piano and took up folk guitar, which my dad and uncle both played. She tried to teach me piano when I was around 6 and ended up sending me to lessons. But I wanted to play guitar and my uncle showed me my first chords so I commandeered my dads guitar. I'd also set up a sort of drum set in the back yard (we had a section fenced off for drying laundry and the dog and I had pretty much free run out there) out of old 5 gal paint buckets I snagged from a construction site down the street. Even to the point of making up some sort of bass pedal out of scrap wood. By 12 or so, I was playing in bands using borrowed equipment and they got me a department store guitar and my dad rebuilt some old amp for me to use. We were pretty poor. Fairly often the band would rehearse in our garage and they tolerated it. Along with tolerating me banging on the drum kit that was left there for "rehearsals" all the time. By 13 they got me some used Silvertone stuff from a pawn shop. All this time my mom was hauling our band to gigs which were pretty much every weekend at some elementary school (we didn't have middle schools in that little town) or city rec center. Looking back, they put up with a lot.
When I was out of school and working at a music store, I sensed my dad was kind of disappointed. And when I gave that up to play full time, it was a bit more obvious. But he never came right out and said anything other than I could do better doing XYZ. And my mom was behind me all the way. At the point I was playing full time, she lived close by and I would go over to her place to work out arrangements on her piano. I have her 2nd piano (she traded the old spinet she got when she moved out on her own for a small grand when she retired) and the Martin guitar she did odd jobs to save up for when she wanted to learn to play folk music with the family.
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