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Default Re: 15 yr old develops revolutionary cancer test

When I was going through chemo, radiation and surgery, many people tried to sell me on homeopathic cures. Most of these people were in desparation mode because their case was so far gone (Stage 4 type cancer). The treatments I got did what they were supposed to - shrink the tumor and contain it from spreading. Then surgery removed the tumor and reconnected my body back together. Time will tell whether I have beaten cancer for good, what the side affects will be in the future, and how long I will stay here on the good green earth. I am not against natural remedies, and believe they should be used in conjunction with other traditional medicines and procedures. But I wasn't going to rely on them solely to keep me alive when my prognosis was only about 4-6 months of life without traditional treatment regiment.

Also, like the common cold, there are hundreds of different types of cancer. Curing cancer is not as simple as it sounds.
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