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Default Using a cheap sound X module and kick pad...

So I have the chance to grab up on a used set of Sound X smi 1460 electric drums. I know, I know, really cheap beginner kit. But I'm only paying $120 for it. My plans are to use the module and kick pad mainly for my acoustic kit. I'm looking to mount the pad inside the kick drum tightly against the batter head on the acoustic kit. Have any of you guys ever done this? I'm guessing it should work fine ( I hope ).

I also wouldn't mind using the hi hat pedal as a foot controlled cowbell. And also, I would like to use a pad as a secondary snare.

Do any of u guys know if I can download and program updated drum sounds into this module with my computer? I'm pretty sure it has a USB input/output.

PS: sorry if this is posted in the wrong spot. I didn't know if I should post it here, or in " the other gear" category, as I'm planning on using it as a "trigger" kind of effect. Thanx.
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