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Default Re: Show us your Premier kits!!

Hi Premier fanatics - greetings from down under....
Man!! There are so many awesome Premier kits below in this topic - I want them all !!!!

I now have a 90's Premier Genista - I found it in a second-hand shop here in Australia a few months ago - 10,12,16 (all rack toms) and 22 bass - no hardware.

Since then some great things have happened thanks to Peter Hopkins (member "dancincrow" on these forums) who is the major distributor for Premier in N America. This guy is awesome - great service and very very helpful. He has helped me complete my kit by getting a matching snare, 14" floor tom and various Premier fittings - can strongly recommend him.

From this:-

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To this (yes, I'm a lefty!!):-

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Premier Genista (90's)
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