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Default Re: Looking at Gibraltar for first Double Pedal

I have the 6611 Avenger II and quite like them. Very light feel. You can probably find a used one for pretty cheap. I got mine used for $100. It's not a flashy name for pedals at all, but it seems to be good quality, well built and plays well.

Only thing with my Avenger 2, the beaters are really light. I use them on an electronic kit so it doesn't matter so much, but I like a little more weight using them on acoustic bass drums. The newer ones seem to have a little larger beater now, mine just has a single sided pad.

I also have a Pearl Eliminator dbl pedal and like it a lot on my acoustic drums. It wouldn't bother me to use either pedal for a gig. I'm not a speed metal drummer though so maybe that makes a difference. They both feel good to me, and one isn't better than the other for my playing.

Of course, you need to go try them for yourself. Buy the ones that you like best.
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